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“The one that got away”. Yeah, you’ve probably all heard the expression way too many times. Every angler experiences this phenomenon at least once in his/her fishing career. It’s normal to occasionally lose an amazing catchdue to its difficulty. Would a magnificent fish be as magnificent should it be caught very easily? Of course not, it is in the difficulties that we face in each catch that allows us to appreciate the fruits of our labour.

With that in mind let me start today’s little story about how the one that got away got caught by someone else.

Last Sunday I headed to Texas Chuan Chom with a couple of my friends. This was my second visit to the fishing pond dedicated to the Texas rig method fishing. During my first visit two years ago it was a totally fruitless trip. No bites whatsoever. This pond’s striped snakehead pond (pond number four) is as difficult as Dead Space 2 on zealot mode (okay maybe just survivalist). With the “rubber and soft plastic lures only” rule, the striped snakeheads have been accustomed to the lure and have become extremely cautious when putting random soft things in their mouths.

After many attempts at getting a bite in pond number four I was about to pack up and head home. Then, like a pretty girl flashing a smile at the bar just before I’ve decided to call it a night, I was convinced to stay on after witnessing something spectacular. One the surface of the water of pond four I spotted what looked like champagne bubbles. It was a school of small giant snakehead fry, and occasionally surfacing beside them was a big parent the size of a leg keeping guard of would-be predators. Looks like the fish had slipped by the pond dividers and started a family in pond number four.

Despite my good fortune of finding such an opportunity, the chance of catching a fully grown giant snakehead parent was missed. After two missed strikes on my surface lure the snakehead parent took its fry and swam away. I packed up and accepted that the day’s giant snakehead would join the collection of “the one that got away”. My second attempt at the Texas pond was fruitless.

It was only a couple of days later that some salt was added to the wounds. Saek, the pond owner, sent some pictures to my cellphone. He called me afterwards saying, “someone has caught the giant snakehead you were chasing!” Rats. In most cases when a fish has gotten away, chances are you will never see it again since there are so many fishes in the water and identifying an individual fish would be near impossible. When a pond has only one parent giant snakehead wandering in a pool filled with striped snakeheads, indentifcation becomes certain. Seeing the giant snakehead in the arms of another was salt to the wounds, being told that it bit on the first cast was chili and fish sauce on top.


Haha, oh well good on him. I’ll have my chance again sometime! Till then, tight lines and hope you enjoy the new page on Texas Chuan Chom as well as the google map locations I have added to every pond to make navigation easier!


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This past week had taught me a terrible lesson about the fragility of life. One moment someone can be alive and happy and then, in one sudden moment, he can become a lifeless corpse being pulled out of the wreckage.

This past Monday, the 28th of June, 2010, I left my mom’s to what was going to be the first of my last three days of work at Bangkok Post’s Guru Magazine. I left at around noon. On my way out I remember seeing my step dad for the very last time sitting in the kitchen. Not wanting to interrupt his morning moment of zen I opted to not say bye to him. I continue to think today, “had I just said hello, could things have been different? Would he still be alive today?”

Approx. 12:30pm. I get a call from my mother. “Son, please come home. ET has driven the car off the fourth floor and has fallen down”. ET was the nickname I made for him many years back which somehow stuck and became his standard moniker over the years. It stands for “Emperor Tadaaki”. His name was Tadaaki Okada. His suave sense of style combined with his very proper personality probably inspired that nickname. Even to this day, the user name on his personal computer in our home is “ET”.

Shocked, I asked her, “what do you mean?”

She replied, “ET, he has driven off the building can you please come home?” She sounded weak. Her voice which usually projected strength and confidence was replaced by a terrified whimper. We live in an apartment building. His car had driven off the parking on the fourth floor while getting his car washed.

By the time I was at mom’s in Sukhumvit soi 11, I was greeted with a crowd. The news reporters and photographers had appeared in hope of snapping photos of the wreckage. Even some of the photographers from the Bangkok Post were there. It was around 12:50pm and they were already in their ready positions as rescue workers tried to figure out what to do.

On my way home I kept praying and hoping that the car had landed on its nose and minimized the impact. I kept hoping that my step dad would be okay and this would just be a funny incident that we could all laugh at in the near future over some drinks.

Photo credit: Post Today


Retired professional bass fisherman Bill Dance is the ultimate survivor man. Let the outtakes of his fishing show tell you why…

My favourite gamefish featured on my favourite fishing show… it’s like George Costanza’s vision of having sex while eating pastrami… fucking awesome…

*I recently wrote about this subject in my magazine a few weeks ago but figured I’ll cover it here as well.

If you look at a satellite image of Bangkok you’d see that the majority of Thailand’s capital is covered in an almost endless sea of gray save for one area.

Some background information

The area in the map has been coined by several publications and websites as “Bangkok’s Green Lung”. People erroneously call this green peninsula Pra Pradaeng not realising that “Pra Pradaeng” refers to the entire district while just the green peninsula area is called Bang Krachao. click here to continue