Bangkokhooker’s Fishing in Thailand: How I tried not to fish on Koh Chang

Posted: February 28, 2010 in Fishing (saltwater), Trips, Uncategorized
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My life came to a complete standstill on December 29 2009 after I came back from my trip to Koh Chang. On that particular day, while the girlfriend was taking her sister out for a day of shopping at the MBK department store, I was at the nearby Digital Gateway mall buying my brand new Sony Playstation 3. Since then I’ve only been fishing once upon the request of a friend while spending just about every waking moment wasting away my life with high definition awesomeness.

As a result I’ve lost most of my fishing tan, contact with anyone in the human race not related to me and and what do I have to show for it? Some high leveled game characters that have no real-world value whatsoever. And I don’t regret anything.

When I bought the PS3, the first thing that came to mind was a severe sense of deja vu. As I held the new gaming console in my arms at the shop, many “first memories” came to mind filling me with a sense of boyish joy that I haven’t felt for a while. My first Famicon (NES in the US), Super Famicon (SNES), Playstation, Playstation 2 and now my first PS3 will contribute to my “first memories” collection that I will look back on when videogaming become even more retro.

Two months later, like my teenage fling with cigarettes I got bored and quit the PS3. With my B14,000 purchase well spent on long hours into the early mornings I’m ready to get back to living again.

To start, I’ll begin with a recollection of the trip to Koh Chang.

Erika’s sister, Ellen spent her Christmas day traveling across the Pacific (or was it Atlantic?) to escape her busy New York life in the fashion industry by coming to visit her big sister in the Land of Smiles. Like all foreigners who have wasted their many hours cramped away in a loud flying sardine can, Ellen’s holiday will have to include at least a beach or an island to take her mind off the cold country that she came from. Seeing that I was getting quite tired of the routine Bangkok city lifestyle I was more than happy to comply.

We looked at our beach and island choices. Ellen wanted a nice beach to get some relaxation and tanning. Speaking of tanning, that really seems to be the number one priority for most of our young light-skinned travelers. Here in Thailand, getting a tan is like trying to bring back MC Hammer pants, totally uncool. In fact, it’s worse than trying to bring back MC Hammer pants since being tanned was never even considered cool. There’s just some sort of weird stigma with tanning here since the Thais firmly believe that being light-skinned is a sign of sophistication. Skin-whitening products are really big here. It’d be funny to sell it in some very politically correct city in North America just to see how people would react.

Back to island choices. If she wanted to chill then Koh Phangan, the full moon party island was out of the question. I refused  to go to Koh Samui again since I had to be there three times in 2009. In fact going south to Phuket, Samui, Tao, Phangan, Krabi and all the islands in the south would involve either a long drive or an expensive flight so we finally decided to go to Koh Chang. Koh Chang, unlike all the other islands is relatively not as packed and can be reached via a 20 minute ferry after a 3-and-a-half hour drive.

Before we left for the island I decided not to bring my fishing gear and told myself, “this is a good time to take a break from fishing and do other stuff” but as our ferry docked onto the port of Koh Chang, I saw the blue crystal waters and began imagining the kinds of fishes swimming in them and thought, “what other stuff?” To make things even worse (or better depending on how you view it) our hotel, the Blue Lagoon, was appropriately situated on (you guessed it) a fertile little lagoon.

Also, there was a tackle shop conveniently 200 meters away from our hotel. What luck eh? After a quick check-in, I picked up a full set of gear for B1500 and went to the hotel’s restaurant, which sits very comfortably besides the aforementioned lagoon. Within 15 minutes, I had my line in the water. With some chopped fresh prawns on my hook as bait, a bell on the tip of my rod to notify me of any nibbles and a bottle of beer as my companion, I was ready to start my holiday.


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