Texas Chuan Chom – American love and discipline


Location: Starting from central Bangkok drive northeast bound on Ramkhamhaeng road. Keep driving taking all the flyovers until you reach the end of Ramkhamhaeng road which will then become Suwinthawong road. Take a left at Chueam Samphan road after travelling on Suwinthawong for about 10.1km. Continue for another 5.5km before turning left into Thanon Pracha Samran. Continue for about 4.5km and the pond will be on the right-hand-side.

GPS coordinates: (13.901513465328664, 100.86296796798706)

Operating hours: The pond is solely owned by a nice guy named, Saek, thus operating hours are flexible. Be sure to give the friendly pond owner a call a day before should you wish to come really early. So anytime between 6am-10pm should be an acceptable time to fish there but some people have stayed until 3am fishing and drinking.

Contact information: Saek’s number – 081-383-4151.

Price: B100 per rod to fish only one pond, B200 per rod to fish all ponds.

Description: Obsessed with the Texas rig method of lure fishing, Pond owner Saek decided to open a fishing pond dedicated to the angling art while building his home right on top of it. On my last visit this place had a total of five small to medium sized ponds. Pond number one featured small tilapia and other little bait fish. Pond number two and three are stocked with barramundi. Pond number four focuses on the striped snakehead while pond five is all about the giant snakehead.

The rules for ponds one, two, three and five are simple: use any lure you want. Pond number four however, is fished with the pond’s namesake.

ONLY RUBBER AND SOFT PLASTIC LURES ARE TO BE USED IN POND NUMBER FOUR.  This type of fishing adds a whole level of challenge to the pond perfect for the seasoned angler. This pond is not for the faint of heart. Despite the high density of fish, lure presentation at this pond is as crucial as the hooking.

Apart from the fishing, the facilities are a little basic. There is a nice shady wooden gazebo that doubles as a restaurant above pond number one. There is usually some American oldies playing softly on the stereo giving the angler the feel that they have been time-warped into 1950s America. The bathroom isn’t that great tho and there aren’t enough shady areas in the fishing zones.

Fish species: Striped snakehead, giant snakehead, barrramundi, tilapia, walking catfish and rock catfish.

Tackle information: For the giant snakeheads and barramundi, as always, don’t forget to bring along some shock leader to avoid losing lures. Obviously, pack some rubber lures to challenge pond number four. Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, shaky worms and all the other types of rubber lures, just bring them all for a good time.
Pond difficulty: High. Though the ponds are teaming with fish they sure know a crappy lure presentation when they see one. The barramundi pond is a lot easier but as mentioned before, if you want to test out your skills as a lure fisherman pond number four will be the measure of your capacity.


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