Striped snakehead (plaa chon)

English name: striped snakehead

Scientific name: channa striata

Thai name: plaa chon, ปลาช่อน

Description: The striped snakehead is significantly smaller than the giant snakehead. They are usually around .7-1.5kg in weight and anything above 2kg is considered something worth bragging to your buddies about. Anything above 3-4kg is definitely worth uploading onto the internet because it’ll show that you are friggin awesome.

Visually the striped snakehead usually have brown-coloured scales in cleaner waters but in murkier waters they can be very black in colour for that extra bit of camoflage (I think).

They are very timid hunters and are big fans of ambushing passing prey. They hide in between rocks and around vegetation and strike when prey passes by. Their meals usually consist of small fish, frogs and toads.

How to catch them: Due to their shy nature, the striped snakehead would usually only strike a lure once so the angler has about one chance to set the hook otherwise, bye-bye, however, if he/she is lucky or if the fish is hungry enough there might be a second attempt.

Lure fishermen can use small minnow lures or metal minnow lures to mimic the small prey fish they hunt for. Scum frogs, plastic frogs and wooden frogs also work well. In-line spinner baits also can work wonders in snag-free fishing spots.

Deliciousness: The striped snakehead’s flavour is comparable to the barramundi. It’s juicy and odorless flesh makes it a popular fish in restaurants and it can be prepared in just about any way.

  1. Alex West says:

    I have caught very few of these, although not intentionally (bottom fishing with pla too meat…actually going for their big brothers, the Shados).

    Now, I want them! I heard that rubber lures (i.e. texas rigs and rubber frogs work well)…but what technique to use? Is it bottom ‘twitching’, same as you would catch the Barras?

    In their natural habbitat, I have seen smaller ones go ape-shit for dragonflies! They literally go air-bound and catch these poor devils in mid-air. Talking about accuracy and strike precision…

  2. they are a little tricky to catch in the wild. They rarely strike twice. As for technique it depends on the lure but an up-down retrieve works.

    Would be nice to have a dragon fly lure lol.

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