About me

A Hooker’s Introduction

Before I introduce myself I’d like to make something clear: the word “hooker” was not originally used to describe “one who solicits sex for money” but rather “someone or something that hooks” (see dictionary.com or this etymology article). In fact, the original definition of hooker predates the slang by almost 300 years! So no, I sell no sex but yes I do love hooking! On to the introduction!

Hi, my name is Oz. I am a regular Thai person with a love for the angling arts. During my time as a writer for the Bangkok Post, I started this blog as an outlet to do some personal writing on my favourite past time: fishing of all schools. Whether if it is pole fishing, fly fishing, lure fishing, bait fishing or what ever, I love them all.

Today, after having left the Post I continue to update this blog for the purpose of sharing with the world my experiences as an angler in the Asian City of Angels as well as hopefully providing people with helpful information on the subject.

So, welcome fellow anglers and friends. I hope you enjoy the fun activity of being a hooker in the land of smiles and feel free to leave a comment or two if you like what you see.

Yours Truly,

Oz Bangkokhooker.

  1. Ravindra Jayasuriya says:

    hey your site is cool and want to learn fishing from you. I will let you know when i am in BKK next time till then

    Peace….. Ravindra.

  2. jw says:

    Cool site. Keep it up and happy fishing!

  3. joo says:

    hey! nice blog! love the design and the contents!!! 🙂

  4. ktang says:

    Hi there,

    Stumbled upon your blog, nice place.
    You speak Thai?
    We are a group anlgers fr Malaysia and intend to make a trip to Khao Laem.
    Would you be interested to join us?

    Happy Fishing !!

  5. […] More detail on Fly Fishing in Thailand are available at Fly Fishing in Thailand and more information on Fishing for Giant Snakehead in Thailand is available at Bangkok Hookers Blog […]

  6. Anton says:

    Hey Oz,
    Awesome blog.
    I’m Anton a regular fangler from Jakarta.
    I’ll be in bkk from 15- 20 dec and planning to fish @bsr.
    If u are free maybe we can fish out together. =)
    I am also tempted to try other places that you’ve mention a bit in your blog.
    Would love to meet up and share fishing stories.

    p/s: if u are interested pls email me your number. I’ll call you once i’m there. Thx

  7. Alex West says:

    i just realized something…what is it about anglers that they also enjoy video-games and air-rifles? John-tom has a nice air rifle blog. I love my air rifle (deadly thing)! “…there are many like it, but this is mine…” 
    And i just started Dragonage II last night… 😉

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