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It’s that time of the year again where Thai people find excuses to drench and fondle people on the streets over the nation’s New Year Celebration. Yes I know, it is April but here in Thailand and several other South East Asian countries the New Year is celebrated from the 13th to the 15th of April. Go figure, Asia is crazy like that yo.

When you combine those non-working public holidays with the weekend, you have yourself a super five-day weekend. Some companies in the country have even just decided to say “f— it! let’s just have Monday and Tuesday off and have a super solid nine-day holiday!”

Being half Chinese-Malaysia, Songkran for me usually means my annual trip to visit the relatives in Muslim Malaysia, a country completely alien to the idea of Songkran.

BUT… here’s a list of things I would have done in Bangkok during the Songkran break if I weren’t off in Kuala Lumpur:
1. Drench someone to the point of near-death pneumonia. OK, just kidding, just a little cold and a slight fever is adequate. Everyone knows that pneumonia is so 2007.
2. Start some conversations with some pretty ladies, both local and foreign, by spraying them with my water gun.
3. Go to a foam party dressed in beach clothes to completely lose the meaning of the holiday among all the bikini-clad Songkraners while exercising activity number 2.
4. Enjoy driving in a traffic-free Bangkok (everyone’s out of town!).
5. Have a gargantuan meal with the family to the point of pain.
6. And d’uh… Go fishing.

Things I would avoid in Bangkok during the Songkran break:

1. Getting my genitals groped by weirdos in Khaosarn (a very common thing so be prepared to karate chop some horny fools in the face).
2. Drunk drivers. There are too many of these during the break for some weird reason so be careful and try not to become part of a growing national statistic.
3. Splashing a cop. Water gun VS. real gun… Care to give it a go?
4. Catching Pneumonia.

Anyway, happy Songkran everyone! Stay alive! Hopefully there will be no crazy pandemics and the protesters will leave us in peace this year.