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Hi folks,

for a while now I have had a facebook page for this blog. However, now that it has exceeded 100 “likes” I can no longer change the name of the facebook page from “” to something simpler like “Bangkok Hooker”.

Anyway, I have created the new fan page right HERE. So if you have a facebook account and a minute to spare please log in to the facebook account to follow this blog on facebook and who knows, maybe someday we’ll link up from there and have an epic fishing trip somewhere!

Also, I am in the process of transferring this blog into a account (not so that I can just add the facebook page’s like box right on to the website but until then we’ll have to do it the old school way.

Here’s the link again.

Once again, thank you all for your readership. It is your comments and visits that keep me writing about fishing in Thailand and there will always be more to come.

Much love,

Oz Bangkokhooker.


Hello again anglers and friends. It is yet another cold and chilly day in the Bangtastic City of Angels. Forecasts predicts that it’s going to be a cold one all the way until the end of Wednesday. With the weather being so weird Thai people are wearing jackets in what is supposed to be the hottest period of the year.


The quote “happiness only real when shared” was made famous when the fatal exploits of Christopher McCandless were made into the film Into the Wild. While I’m not exactly convinced on the “real” part I am sure that happiness can have the power to grow exponentially when shared with friends and family. This example of happiness sharing can best be explained by my most recent fishing trip to Bungsamran…


A year ago I started this blog as an outlet to my fishing. A year later this humble blog has reached just over 9,000 views. Yay!

I’ve made some very good friends from this blog and over the past few weeks I’ve made two more very good new friends: David Mailland and Nicolas (Nico) Borreau from Predators Fishing Magazine, France’s only lure-fishing magazine.

Here to make a report about fishing in Thailand our French anglers have found me through this very blog. We made our first physical meeting at Bungsamran. I was at the beginning of yet another painfully exciting Mekong all-nighter. Our two Frenchmen being fresh off the airplane were immediately woken up by the sight of some giant catfish. After hooking a big Mekong, I handed the stiff carp rod to Nico. For the next fifteen minutes I watched the veins bulge out of Nico’s neck as he heaved and pulled in the biggest fish he had ever landed. He squatted down and lifted the big fish up with all his might. Despite never having had a go at a Mekong, Nico successfully landed his fish. His technique was definitely worthy of his corporate sponsorship.

Time for the landing net

His biggest fish ever.

Of course, being lure fishermen this wasn’t their thing so we made ourselves some plans to go do what they do best.


One Wednesday morning, on my weekly visit to Bungsamran I brought along cousin Stephane and my new friend Tom. I thought I’d bring along my new Sanyo Xacti ca9 (Hi-Def and water proof, OH YEAH) to make a movie to document the event. After some editing here and there I’ve finished the little music video. Enjoy.