Sakuna – Where the grass is always green

Location: Soi Mungkorn-Kandi Km. Soi entract is located at 8 Theparak, Muang Samut Prakan. About 30km from downtown Bangkok.


Operating hours: Open daily 10am-10pm

Contact information: 02-7554-433


B100 per rod on weekdays

B120 per rod on Saturday

B150 per rod on Sunday

B60 after 6pm everyday

Description: Spelt either Sakuna or Skunar in English (สกุณา in Thai). Here is one of the cheaper alternatives to the popular Bungsamran for the Mekong hunters out there. The pricing is the same for everyone and there are individual little huts to sit in, free of charge.

There are no wooden docks or obstacles in the water to snap your line so you wouldn’t have to worry about a naughty fish trying to dive under the docks like Bungsamran.

Instead of wooden or concrete docks Sakuna fishing park offers a grass lawn that is trimmed weekly. Another very wonderful part about this pond is their free bait mixing service. Purchase the ingredients for your bait at the counter and let the staff mix the bait for you in their bait mixing machines, this service is also free of charge.

The pond’s restaurant also has a very respectable menu serving all sorts of Thai food and seafood.

Fish species: Mekong giant catfish and striped catfish.

Tackle information: Since there are Mekongs in the pond one should always be prepared for a big fight just in case. However the Mekongs rarely ever feed at the bottom so a rig for bottom feeding would usually ensure that the Mekongs won’t bite. All bait used in Sakuna must be purchased there. The most popular bait both the Mekong and the striped catfish is what they call a “yua nuad” (เหยื่อนวด), or literally “massaged bait”. This is a combination of coconut milk, bread, fruity essence, “nom maew” essence and some pond water blended into an almost play-dough substance in their mixing machines.

Pond difficulty: Medium. The striped catfish here are high in abundance here. One will take the bait almost every single cast and they are not too big. The Mekongs of this pond are no where near as plenty as Bungsamran but they can get pretty big with the  bigger ones being at around 60kg. Due to their scarcity compared to Bungsamran the Mekongs here usually take a while before they bite but when they do you can expect a good fight on your hands.

let someone do the mixing for you!

They are about this big

  1. Robert Wong says:

    Hi there,

    I hail from Singapore, and had been fishing around Thailand for a short time, around Bangkok, Khao Laem Dam, Phuket, Chiangmai and K. Samui.
    I had not fished at Skunar before, and would certainly like to fish here one day.
    BSR is good with larger fishes, but a change in location would be good, right?
    Tight Lines.

    Robert Wong

  2. roby says:


    your website is super!ILIKE what you do..
    I hawe a couple questions:if I come to fishing on(sakuna)lake can they arange everything for good fishing:eqipment(rood and reel …)quide?if I hire equipment and quide,what is the cost?
    -I woud like to go also fishing on BUNG SAN RAN:quides ther propably not speak anglish?is this a problem?its not mouch to talk aboat..I think…
    thaks for youar replay roby

  3. roby says:

    and another thing:bait?can I buy ther on the lake?
    thx roby

  4. Robert Wong says:

    Skunar is next on my list for fishing. Read so much about it that I would want to give it a try. Since there are no snags here, can I use a 30lb line?

  5. Alex West says:

    My younger brother used to go to Sakuna very often to let off some steam (usually when he was out of ‘happy-leaves’…). I joined him once -not to fish though-, which was quite entertaining. I think people even gamble there on Sundays on who catches the biggest fish…

    • Robert Wong says:

      I managed to fish at Skunar for two days last week. Not too many people and I used the bait sold at the fishing park. Managed to catch less than 4 fish weigh about 2 kg to 3 kg only. There were two other fishermen there who catch many fishes, but also small. Seems like the bigger fishes are not biting.

    • Alex West says:

      @ Robert Wong – seems that many people who went fishing lately (either in fishing ponds or in the wild) have little tales of success to report of…could be the sudden change of weather.

      Contrary to popular believe, fish do not bite more when or after rain (personal experience).

  6. Robert Wong says:

    Being the first time there, I just used the kherng bait (fishmeal) sold at Skunar. They mixed it with some essences. Not very effective though.
    I tried to add some kluay and did get some bites.
    What bait do you recommend using? Maybe I can use your ‘secret bait recipe’ the next time I go to fish there. LOL

    • Hahaha, Robert, my secret is simplicity. Water + rice husk. It’s more about the water/bait ratio and the ball-making process. The real secret recipe is “trial and error”

      • Robert Wong says:

        You are so right. I have dozens of ‘secret recipes’ but do not have the chance to try them all at any single location.

  7. LukeBenson says:

    Can you rent rods and tackle here?

  8. gemdrei says:

    Hi! My family’s coming to Bangkok next month and my Dad’s quite interested in fishing. If we decide to visit this fishing park, may I know the things he has to pay like for the bait, and whatever he needs etc? (I am not quite familiar with fishing actually.) Does he need to pay for a fishing license as well? And how many hours would be good enough to be alotted for fishing? Thank you so much. 🙂

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