Pilot 111 – Barramundi galore AND MORE

Location: The pond is located just off the Bangna-Trad highway at kilometre 39.5. If you are driving from Bangkok take the Bangna-Trad elevated highway and get off at Bang Wua (บางวัว), make a U-turn then immediately go into the left lane. The road will then bend a little to the left. Right after the bend you will see the sign for Pilot 111 on the left. Travel along the small road and you will find the pond on your left.

Sadly this sign is no longer there.

Operating hours: Open Sat-Thur 9am-6pm. Closed Fridays.

Contact information: 086-316-8773.

Price: B500 per rod.

Description: Considering that lure fishing ponds charge only about B100-200 baht the B500 rod cover would be considered very steep for most people and rightly so. But, for the B500 you are getting every little bang for your satang (they’re pennies in Thai) for three very good reasons. Firstly, this fishing location which used to have just five ponds now has a total of eight ponds! Three ponds dedicated to barramundi, one pond dedicated to the Mekong giant catfish, one dedicated to the rock catfish, two dedicated to the giant snakehead, one to the pacu and another to the striped catfish.

The premises are also very beautifully kept. Manicured lawns, shady small bamboo huts, very nice toilets and a decent restaurant that can cook your fish for you, Pilot 111 has a lot to offer even for non-anglers. Usually families would come for an early dinner to watch the rain of sardines and the monstrous barramundi that get pulled up.

The people at Pilot 111 are currently working on adding some more ponds featuring more species such as the arapaima, red tail catfish and Mekong giant catfish which would really turn it into an epic pond.

Fish species: giant snakehead, barramundi, pacu, Mekong giant catfish, rock catfish, striped snakehead, .

Tackle information: the most essential piece of tackle you will need here is either a shock leader or a wire leader. Barramundi can be bait-robbing assholes thanks to the sharp cutters on their cheeks so a high abrasion leader-line is a must.

Lure and fly fishing are the ultimate methods to be used here. What works here changes according to what the fish are feeling. Shallow jerk-baits, rubber shad, surface poppers and flies work well here. Since there are so many ponds the strategy almost always varies from pond to pond. For example, the snakeheads either like big shallow plugs or small shiny spinnerbaits. Pond number 2 likes medium sized jerk baits and big poppers. But this can be different on any given day. Personally I’ve found some serious success on a particular trip after attaching a fly to the end of a large popper.

If you’re targeting the Mekongs, then be sure to pack heavy tackle because Pilot 111 are serious with their fish stock and have packed their Mekong pond with some heavy mofos of up to 30-40kgs.

Fish here are usually around 1-3kg but some people have landed 10kg monster barramundi before but that’s uber rare.

Pond difficulty: Stupidly easy to medium. With the right set up, anyone can land a barramundi here during feeding time. The snakeheads don’t bite as often. All the ponds vary in difficulty and their difficulty changes over time.

Posts abouts this pond:

Pictures of the pond:

Pond number 3

Caught on a 5cm surface popper.

The complimentary barramundi steamed in lime, chilli and garlic.

  1. johntom says:

    Thanks for sharing,

    Red tails, Harry Palmers and Mekongs, I can’t wait – any idea when?

  2. I’ll be super free during July, that’s when 🙂

  3. Robert Wong says:

    Sounds like great fishing. Can’t wait to try it the next time I’m in BKK.

  4. Jeremy Poh says:

    This place looks really good…
    will be going for a try when my wife goes back to BKK to visit…

  5. Terence koh says:

    Great looking pond! I am still wondering where it is. I will be staying a fren’s house at pathum Thani, how far from there? Do you have a map on how to get there? Thanks.

    • It’s about 40 minutes to an hour from Pathum Thani via the highway. I don’t have a map but the directions are quite simple. Just show them to your driver or friend and the rest should be easy. Thai people don’t use maps, instead they are more about noticeable landmarks like 7-Eleven and petrol stations hahaha.


  6. Alex West says:

    There is a cheat-code to this pond…

    When they see that a bunch of people keep luring in empty…they will infuse the fish (Barras) into a feeding frenzy by throwing in chum (looks like Mackerel meat), and then the pond becomes alive!!! You can literally throw any lure at them, they will take it as if there was no tomorrow…

    Not very sportsmanship-like, but sometimes you just don’t f*ckin’ care! 😉

  7. Didier Montenot says:

    First of all thank you for your site.
    I will be travelling to bangkok in 2 weeks and I am crazy about fishing.
    Do I need to book a fishing guide or I can go on my own?
    How long from the this address Rajaprarop Road, Bangkok,10400?
    Where can I buy fishing equipment in Bangkok? and what king of lures should I use?

    • Hi Didier,
      thanks for coming to the website 🙂
      You should be able to go to the pond on your own no problem. From the Rajaprarop area it’s about 45 minutes to an hour by taxi. When you are at the pond they can also call a taxi for you so that it will be easy to return to town. As for lure fishing gear you can’t beat Bungsamran fishing pond as it is home to two amazing tackle shops: 7 Seas Pro Shop and the Kanom shop.

      As for lures the options are plentiful because there are many species of fish in the many ponds of Pilot 111. The one universal lure that works for all the ponds are the Storm rubber shads. Buy plenty because the fish there quickly tear up all soft lures.

      When will you be going? I may also be there during the weekends.

      • Anonymous says:

        thanks a lot for the info. I will be in Bangkok for 24-Apr-2011 to 4-May-2011 and I am not sure yet on which date I will go there.
        Send me your phone number via email so that I can contact you when I arrive in Bangkok.
        Do they rent fishing equipment at pilot 111 and do you know the price?

  8. Tyrone says:

    G’day I’m heading over at the end of this year and was wondering if I could meet you Oz and I’m looking to catch snakehead and barra what sort of lures should I bring?


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