Chok Anun Fishing Pond

Location: 4/95 Moo 1 Samakee Road, Nonthaburi.

Operating hours: Open daily 9am-Midnight. Competition on Sundays.

Contact information: 089-452-1737 or (website includes map)


Fishing – B50

Rod rental – B100

Bread bait – B20-25 per bag

Description: There’s something I always love about this small-sized fishing pond. Firstly its cheap (B50 per rod last time I checked). Secondly it’s stupidly easy to catch fish here due to the design of the pond making it the sure fire way to have a relaxing day of fishing. The declining slope of the pond and the strict pond rules for using only bread bait means that it’s almost literally like shooting fish in a barrel. Thirdly, they have a large selection of fish. And last but definitely not least, the Chok Anun fishing pond makes some very delicious Isan food. Their best dish is their duck laab (ลาบเป็ด) which magically makes any beer taste over a billion times better.

Fish species: nile tilapia, striped catfish, walking catfish, pacu, Mekong giant catfish, striped snakehead (rare) and rohu.

Tackle information: The fish here rarely gets into the double digits in kilograms. Try bringing a nice long casting rod to drop your bait into the far end of the fishing pond where it is deepest for maximum bites. Fishing line with a 20lb test is more than adequate for anything that swims in this pond.

Pictured below: a view of the pond

pictured below: a not so red-bellied, red bellied pacu.

Pictured below: striped catfish caught by a guy who’s never caught a striped catfish

Pictured below: deep-fried chicken joints also makes beer taste way more awesomer than it already is.

  1. dave schimpf says:

    website and phone not working? still in business?

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