Bungsamran – the super pond

Location: 21/596, Soi Navamin 42, Bungkham, Bangkapi, Bangkok.

Operating hours: Open 24-hours a day, every single day.

Contact information: 02-734-9272, http://www.bungsamran.com.


Thai fishing price – B400

Farang fishing price – B1000

Rod rental – B500

* However, foreigners who are legally working in Thailand can pay the Thai price simply by presenting some evidence (work permit works) of said employment.

Description: Bungsamran is undoubtedly Thailand’s most famous fishing pond. Just about any foreign publication that has written about travelling in Thailand has given this super pond at least an honorable mention. Why? Because it’s really a super pond. There are literally tons of really big fishes and a large variety of species swimming in this very big fishing pond. On top of the good fishing there are also all sorts of non-fishing related creature comforts such as:

– a bar
– a cafe
– a convenient store
– a restaurant
– a massage parlour (the clean kind)
– a game centre (there’s even a cheap version of “whack-a-mole”)
– and two very good tackleshops.

Anglers have the option to fish off the boardwalk that cuts through the middle of the pond of rent out one of the many private bungalows on the side. The bungalows range from very basic (B600, just an empty bungalow) to very awesome (B2,000, comes with air-conditioning, TV, sofa and fridge). The bungalows can be rented from 9am-9pm or 9pm-9am. However, if privacy isn’t y0ur thing and you wish to make some new friends the centre platform is the place to go.

The arapaima can also be caught here but anglers will have to pay B20,000 just to catch one.

Pond assistants can be hired straight from the pond’s counter for B1,000 a session at any time of the day but there is always a “freelance” pond assistant hanging around willing to help for a few hundred baht.

Fish species: Chao phraya giant catfish, striped catfish, Mekong giant catfish, giant Siamese carp, alligator gar, arapaima, giant gourami, Nile tilapia, giant snakehead, striped snakehead and pacu.

Tackle information: Needless to say big fish are going to need big tackle. If you plan on tackling the big fish species this pond is famous for like the Mekong giant catfish or the giant Siamese carp you better be ready to tackle monsters that range from 10kg-100kg. A strong rod and reel, fishing line of 30lb test or more and a lot of other hard gear is required.

Pond difficulty: Medium-hard. Getting some of the fishes to bite here is somewhat a very specific process. Getting one part of the process wrong will result in some disappointment but once the process is learnt and executed properly bites can happen as often as once every few minutes. This process can easily be eliminated with the help of a pond assistant to do the set up. On top of the set up there is also the hard duty of bringing in a monster fish. Due to their huge sizes, fights can range from 15 minutes all the way to a few hours. Fishing here is done from wooden docks and the more clever fish here have the nasty habit of swimming under these wooden structures to snap the line. A good trick is to tackle the fish and keep the fight away from the docks until the fish is tired. An alternative to that is to just fish with some seriously heavy gear. It’s not uncommon to see people armed with trolling gear at Bungsamran.

Some posts about this pond:




A slightly bigger than average-sized "Mekong" at Bungsamran

Fellow anglers both tackling some monsters

One of the dining areas

A slightly larger Mekong.

Pool table, 'nuff said.

  1. Skinny Dip says:

    OMG, that fish is the size of a toddler.

  2. That fish is considered a young adult. A mature Mekong will require Schwarzenegger biceps to hold up!

  3. madjbs says:

    What a shame they think it’s ok to charge 1000 for farang but 400 for Thais.

    • It is a shame that there is a double pricing at Bungsamran however on the bright side it’s not as you think. Farangs actually can pay the Thai price provided that they legally work in Thailand and bring along some sort of documentation that proves that.

      By the way, thanks for pointing that out. I’ve updated the post so that foreigners with work permits can take advantage of this policy.

  4. madjbs says:

    Great, that’s good to hear!

    • DavyMc says:

      Hi like your ideas to provide info for anglers to find fishin on their own in Thailand, I been fishing the buing for few years now. When I first came it was 200 baht for all, next year was up for falang same original price for thais and so it has continued. That’s life in Thailand..

  5. Alex West says:

    I go to BSR quite frequently, but only to raid the tackle shops there!

    For some reason, I cannot get myself to fish at BSR. Its not the price (since I will be paying the Thai price anyway), but just that…shoot! Its seems almost too easy. But then again, I have never tried it, so I probably dont know what I am saying. I do enjoy watching them reel in the big ones though 🙂 maybe I have to combine fishing there with booze…

  6. Willy Hesenius says:

    Sorry, but my face will not be showing up there because of this Farang Rip Off. I get every year more than 20 friends visiting me from Europe and I take care that they not run into scams like these. Thailand is getting Famous for Record Catches and there are more as enough Ponds and Lakes where always is given a Chance to meet Fishing Colleagues (Thai and Farangs) to have a nice competition as one Group… Pity that some People still think farangs are ATM machines, the rapid drop rate of Western Tourists approves the Opposite..

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