Bor Num – Barramundi of Bang Pakong

Location: 56 moo 16  Bang Pakong. The easiest way to get to Bor Num from Bangkok is to get on the Bangna-Trad highway. Travel about 50km untill you reach the Bang Pakong and Chachaeongsao exit. Once off the highway stay left to make a u-turn under the bridge. Note that the u-turn’s crappy gravel road barely looks like a road at a glance so make sure to keep an eye out for it once you get off the highway. Once you u-turn, stick to the left and watch out for the Isuzu dealership and the Bor Num sign on the left side. Turn into that little road and follow the signs until you reach the pond.

See John-Tom’s website for GPS coordinates.


Plenty of fish here

Operating hours: Open daily 7am-8pm.

Contact information: 03-853-2080. Staff do not speak English.


Fishing price – B150 per rod (updated from B100).

Fish price – B120 per kilo of barramundi.

Cooking fee (if you want your fish cooked there) – B80 per dish.

Description: Bor Num consists of several ponds stocked with both barramundi and striped snakeheads. Among all the lure fishing ponds in Thailand, Bor Num is the most popular for its considerably low price, large fish sizes, short distance from Bangkok and their fishing tournaments. The fishes here also don’t bite so easily, this is mainly due to the high traffic that this popular pond gets. Thus, the fish here are quite “educated”. However, with some skill and some very fortunate timing one can have a chance at landing some of the 12kg barramundi lurking around in their ponds.

This pond is no where near as classy as Pilot 111. Toilets here border the lines of dirty and disgusting. Be prepared to learn how to use a squat toilet. Food here is not bad and very reasonably priced. Amenities aside, it’s still quite a steal to be able to fish large barramundi for B150 per rod.

Fish species: barramundi and striped snakehead.

Tackle information: both lure fishing and fly fishing are popular fishing methods at Bor Num. Arm your gear with a wire leader or a shock leader to avoid losing valuable lures or flies to the razor sharp cheeks of the barramundi. What works and doesn’t work changes regularly. At one stage the popper-fly combination was exceptionally deadly until everyone started abusing it. Something that is almost guarantees to always get bites are shiny in-line spinner baits or rubber swim baits.

Pond difficulty: Medium. Bor Num fishes are quite unpredictable but when they get hungry, they all get hungry. Fishing here can be ridiculously easy if one were to come on feeding day (usually Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday) where literally a truckload of live juvenile tilapia are dumped into the water to stir up a feeding frenzy.

They're about this big here.

Plaa krapong tod nam plaa, deep-fried butterflied barramundi. Very tasty.


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