Amazon BKK – The affordable arapaima pond

Location: The pond is in an unmarked soi (street) on Ratchamontri road just around the corner from Putha Monthon 1. If you are coming from downtown Bangkok the easiest way is to cross out of the city via either the Rama 8 bridge or the Pinklao bridge. Then head on to the elevated Baromaratchachonnani. Turn left at Kanchanapisek. Continue down south on this road. Turn left at the Petronas petrol station. You will now be on Ratchamontri road. Continue along this meandering road, cross eight little bridges and make the first right into a little street. Go to the end and you’re there.


GPS coordinates courtesy of 13.730735n, 100.422635e

Operating hours: Fishing hours – 6am-9pm, you can keep on drinking there after. They are pretty easy-going.

Contact information: 081-426-4203

Price: B500 per rod for full day, B300 per rod for half day.

Description: Amazon BKK is sort of like your poor man’s IT Lake Monsters. It’s got all the same exotic species in a much smaller pond. But for the price of B500 fishing for something from the Amazonian river is very reasonable. Due to some un-strategically placed trees many of the areas of this pond makes it a little bit hard to cast. Nevertheless, there are some sizeable arapaimas mixed in with some small ones.

Amazon BKK is also visually a very beautiful place over all. Manicured lawns, tropical plants and trees, hand-carved wooden gazebos, a wooden bridge that takes you to a centre island on which sits another beautiful gazebo and enough exotic animals to start a zoo. It is very Eden. Wild birds, snakes, turtles, squirrels, a pony and an albino all are there for people to see.

The food there is also quite fantastic and reasonable in price.

There are rules for fishing here. Only lure fishing is allowed and all hooked must be barbless.

Fish species: arapaima, red tail catfish, tiger shovenose catfish, red tail tiger hybrid catfish, arrowana, alligator gar, barramundi.

Tackle information: Fly and lure fishing is what it’s all about here as no bait fishing is allowed. Gear doesn’t have to be that heavy despite there being a few 80kg+ arapaimas lurking in the pond simply because there isn’t that much room for them to swim away to. The fish here a fed with juvenile carp and tilapia of no bigger than two inches so try to get your lure/fly to replicate them.

Pond difficulty: Medium. The pond is teaming with different types of fish and sooner or later you would catch something.

  1. Ed says:

    Do you know what Lures (not flies) are good for arapaima? really looking forward to trying amazon bkk. Are there many baramundi in there? size?

    • hi Ed. There are barramundi there but they are scarce because anyone can take them out with no additional charge. As for lures for arapaima i was told by some people that a small rubber shad retrieved slowly at the bottom near the banks can trigger some bites but I have yet to see any successes.

  2. ed says:

    Thanks for reply. I’m not quite sure what you mean about the baramundi.
    Do you mean if you catch one you can take it home for free?

  3. tvd says:

    I have a rod, flyline and reel but no tippet or flies…do they sell tippets and flies there?

  4. ed says:

    went to Amazon week before last and with a friend. We both had very large arapaima on but lost them at the net (mainly because they were much bigger than net) my friend landed the only fish of the day (a small arapaima)

    We used a fly rod and a fly trailing from a popper as well as soft plastic baits.

    I would like to here about what people have been successful with in terms of tackle and technique?

    Whats the best way to catch the Tiger and red tail? also the Arrowana seems to be everywhere but not taking any lure!!

    How should I prepare for the next trip?

    all advice gratefully received 😉

    • How should you prepare for the next trip? Bring a camera and send me some pictures!
      You seem to be doing fine with your fishing there!

      Sooner or later the red tails and the tigers would bite, it’s just a probability thing. As for the arrowana your flies would need to be small dry flies to mimic a fallen bug for better results but they are a species that are already very timid.

      Anyway tight lines and don’t forget to send in some pictures!

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