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Hello again anglers and friends. It is yet another cold and chilly day in the Bangtastic City of Angels. Forecasts predicts that it’s going to be a cold one all the way until the end of Wednesday. With the weather being so weird Thai people are wearing jackets in what is supposed to be the hottest period of the year.



There have been several Amazon fishing ponds popping up around Thailand as of late. Most of them seem to proudly feature the arapaima as a target species. I know of at least two ponds in the Hua Hin/Cha-am area, one in Ratchaburi, at least three in Bangkok, at least one in Pattaya and at least one in Chiang Mai that have the arapaima gigas amongst their stock. With the Discovery Channel show River Monsters featuring this Amazonian goliath this specie’s acclaim undoubtedly grew even more.


Fishing can be many things. Some fish to feed their family. Some fish to make a living. Some people find fishing as a therapeutic way to pass the time. Some people find it as a sport. In Thailand some geniuses have come up with a whole new way to enjoy the art of angling simply with this logic: Fishing is fun. Gambling is fun. Therefore, combining the two is LEGENDARY.

In the country of my home, we Thais practice a game I call fishing roulette. Since gambling is illegal in the Kingdom of Thailand, this game is usually inconspicuously named “kaeng tok plaa” (แข่งตกปลา), literally “fishing competition” because hey, if it’s a competition it’s technically not gambling now is it? Thai law is funny.

Fishing roulette or fishing competitions can be found at some of the cheaper pay ponds like Chok Anun fishing pond and are usually held on Sundays.

The most popular fish to be used for this game is the striped catfish aka plaa sawai. Since they are all over the place and ridiculously easy to catch they make the game way more exciting.

The game’s rules are as follows:


The quote “happiness only real when shared” was made famous when the fatal exploits of Christopher McCandless were made into the film Into the Wild. While I’m not exactly convinced on the “real” part I am sure that happiness can have the power to grow exponentially when shared with friends and family. This example of happiness sharing can best be explained by my most recent fishing trip to Bungsamran…


Wow! One minute I am sitting on the water’s edge with a fishing rod in my hand and all the sudden a whole damn year has gone by! Sometime, as an angler, I spend all my free time either fishing and when I am not fishing I’m thinking about the next trip. Having just so little time left in the year I’ve been going fishing as much as possible because quite frankly, fishing in Thailand is just plain awesome. Now that all the parties and big feasts have ended I find that it is worth a minute to step back into the prior year and take a quick look at all the good fishing that I have done thus, here are The Best Bangkokhooker Catches of 2010!

5. Fly fishing for the giant snakehead

Fish species: giant snakehead

Date: Sometime in December 2010

Description: When John got me introduced to fly fishing I immediately knew that there was going to be a lot more fly fishing in the future. With my new found love for the old school art form I found myself making weekly visits to Pilot 111.

Prior to December 2010 the thought of catching a giant snakehead via fly was still something incomprehensible. It simply wasn’t something that had ever crossed my mind as possible. It was like the thought of riding a bicycle without wheels: entertaining yet not really something you’d actually do when sober.

However, I wasn’t exactly intoxicated with any chemical substances, just a whole lot of enthusiasm. After about an hour on the giant snakehead pond while using some of my homemade flies I finally hooked a giant snakehead. Fighting it with the fly line was something completely new. With all the tension of the fight in my finger tips instead of the reel every tug and every pull from the fish would burn its way into my flesh. It was an epic first time that I’d never forget.


One Wednesday morning, on my weekly visit to Bungsamran I brought along cousin Stephane and my new friend Tom. I thought I’d bring along my new Sanyo Xacti ca9 (Hi-Def and water proof, OH YEAH) to make a movie to document the event. After some editing here and there I’ve finished the little music video. Enjoy.

When I first started blogging about fishing in Thailand I made friends with a fellow fishing blogger, Johntom of John, is a British-born Thai resident who spends most of his free time fishing and making really cool man toys such as replica guns, miniature remote controlled tanks and steam engines. Not only does his website contain useful information of fishing ponds and their GPS coordinates but people can also get blueprints for his creations to make their own remote controlled tanks of replica World War weapons. While we were fishing once he even happily proclaimed, the same way that a child proclaims about his Lego creation, that he had once made his own Tesla coil. It’s a machine that does really cool stuff with electricity like shoot out miniature lightning bolts. It also requires a shitload of electricity. His wife, Noi quickly interjected, “yeah and he killed the power of the entire apartment building we were living in at the time”.

Fishing with John at Bungsamran