Update: Bangkokhookerfishing.com

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Updates
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Yup, I’ve gone and done it. I’ve gone and purchased my own domain name. What does this mean? Not much really. The blog now can be accessed by going to both https://bangkokhooker.wordpress.com or http://bangkokhookerfishing.com.

Apart from that nothing has changed. All the material from the blog is still accessable. At first I thought about getting the domain name http://bangkokhooker.com but realised two things: (1) it was already taken by quite a talented photographer; and (2) it’ll really get way too many people coming in looking for another kind of “Bangkok hooker”.

Either way, thanks for sticking with the blog for all this time. I’ll continue to bring more information about fishing in Thailand for every one free of charge.


Oz Bangkokhooker.

  1. chin says:

    You’ll always be the same hooker we all adore, whatever the handle. Still, good move with having a proper domain 🙂

  2. Diana Foo says:

    Congratulations, son.. and best of luck to the Bangkokhookerfishing.com


  3. Kevin says:

    Congrats Oz!

    Nice one, the signs were already written on the wall….Nothing beats having something you can proudly call your own!!

    Keep on bloggin’ and keep on hookin’……did that sound right? 🙂

    Anyways, good job Oz.

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