Recently I have been getting into this whole twitter thing and I must say, it’s got some really funny shit!  One particular tweet caught my eye today and I find it surprisingly quite for fishing in Thailand or fishing in general. The tweet was by PeterGriffinJr, a parody account that mimics the comic style of well.. Peter Griffin of Family Guy. The tweet goes like this, “Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich.”

What does this have to do with fishing in Thailand? Nothing. Just kidding. Of course it does otherwise why would I be posting this? For the sake of putting the words erection and sandwich in the same sentence? Of course not! Anyway, back to the point. It turns out that many species of freshwater fish, like men, also have these two emotions of either lust or hunger. It’s also almost always mutually exclusive, meaning that if a fish is horny, its quite likely not hungry. That is unless they are the George Costanza fish that finds extreme pleasure in combining sex and pastrami.

But what is it that stimulates this horniness? Apparently rain. I first made this discovery while watching Monster Fish, you know, that other fishing show that isn’t River Monsters. The episode, “Thai Eden”, featured the host, Zeb Hogan, traveling to Thailand to analyse its  reputation as a fishing paradise. In one scene, Hogan makes his way to a stingray breeding facility where he stimulates their horniness by giving them a shower from the hose to simulate rain. So rain = breeding. I then went onto the big fat internet machine to check this out and it seems like it’s legit. According to Assessment of freshwater seed resources for sustainable aquaculture (by Melba G. Bondad-Reantaso, Food Agriculture Organization  of the UN) on top of light and temperature, “Rainwater and weather conditions are observerd to be important factors for induced breeding in fish”. (Document extract here).

Well there we go. Fish get horny when it rains so that means their pritority switches from food to “sex” after some percipitation.

Unfortunately I only decided to look into this after fishing at the nearby reservoir with my new friend Dr. Green. We went fishing on a Saturday for gaint snakehead. It rained heavily on Thursday. Not to mention that the water levels at the reservoir were extremely high given the season.  My American friend and I casted out just about everything from our tackle boxes to get them to bite. Crankbaits, rubber shads, propeller frogs, scum frogs, pencil lures and Aile magnet lures were all fruitless.

Finally I caught one, my first giant snakehead of 2011. It was near the margins after hundreds of casts with the help of the good old buzz bait. It was a small young adult giant snakehead. Chances are it probably failed at finding a hotty to get jiggy with and resorted to some emotional eating to ease its rejection at Club Snakehead.

It was also the only fish caught all day by anyone at the reservoir. Several other anglers we ran into told us about several near hooks but no fish.

So the lesson is learnt, don’t go fishing when the fish are horny. Wait for them to be done.

Anyway, thank you PeterGriffinJr for indirectly helping me understand the art of fishing in Thailand a little more and thank you Dr. Green for tagging along!

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  1. David Green says:

    See, science can be funny.

  2. ed says:

    I have to disagree, I’ve had some great fishing in the rain!!! sometimes been having a really hard day then it starts to rain and the fish start biting 😉

    • Hi Ed! Thanks for reading. You say you’ve had great fishing in the rain but my story is about fishing two days AFTER a rain. So there’s nothing to disagree on! 😀

  3. ed says:

    Sorry 🙂 Will read stories more carefully next time!

  4. T C Tay says:

    Don’t bother with the sandwich for me, mate, already got an ‘erection’ just reading this blog, how revealing, hmmm!

  5. Alex West says:

    I should have read this particular blog earlier…I have wasted a whole day fishing at Bang Phra last month without even a chase…in my ignorance ignoring (sounds weird?!) the comments of the boat-guys that it is their breeding season and only a few lucky anglers will get some…fish. I am gonna just sit tight and wait until the time is right. After all the humping (or whatever it is called that fish do), they eventually will get hungry!

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