A Hooker’s apology and the weather report…

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Updates

Hello fellow hookers,

it’s been a while since my last fishing trip and for that I am sorry. With very little fishing there is very little to update and that is thanked partly to me spending more time doing other things (island hopping, boxing training and French lessons woo hoo!).


So I write today to apologise while making a public promise that by the end of next week I’ll be writing about fishing in the Land of Smiles again. This time I will either be exploring the Pilot 111 pond and their new upgrades or Bangkok’s new Arapaima pond.


As for other fishing updates, here’s one for giant freshwater lure fishermen: the monsoon season has finally arrived in full force in Thailand (flood all across Korat and the Northeast). Though it is about three and a half months late (usually it starts in July), thanks to a record-breaking drought, it is back therefore fishing for the mama snakehead should start up again soon. However, according to P’ Ae of Kaeng Krajan, the water level there is still low so chances of giant snakehead spawning are still low (thanks to political corruption) but the barbs are getting aggressive so there are some good news.

Oh well, till next time tight lines my fellow hookers.




  1. Rico 2 says:

    Hi…chanced upon your blog whilst searching for Pilot 111 pond. Should be there in Bangkok for fishing in 2 weeks time and the flood is worrying.

    Any chance if you know of any flood around Bungsamran, IT monster lake and Pilot 111?

    Thanks and really enjoy your blog

    • hmm… Just came back from Pilot 111 and I’d say that though it is not really flooded, the soggy grass and mud was quite annoying but it didn’t stop me from fishing. I wouldn’t know about Bungsamran or IT though as I haven’t seen them lately. However you should be fine, the storm season is about to end and from what I hear it is okay to fish.

      • Rico 2 says:

        Thanks for the info. Soggy grass and mud is ok for us as last year when we visited IT lake during July it was raining the whole day…managed to slip and slide thru everything. Just as long as its not flooded.

        Btw, hows the catch over at Pilot 111 and any lures or pond that you would recommend?

  2. Here are some tips for lure fishing at Pilot:
    – lipless crankbait or small rubber shad for the barramundi ponds at slow jerking retrieve,
    – medium to large lures retrieved very quickly on the giant snakehead ponda,
    – rubber lures and lipless crankbaits for the striped snakehead pond retrieved slowly,
    – texas rig worm on the rock catfish and pacu ponds,
    – minnow lures on the featherback pond.

    hope that helps.

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