Rompin’ Kuala Rompin Bangkokhooker style [video]

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Fishing (saltwater), Out of Thailand, Trips, Youtube
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Life is all about new experiences and knowing when to just say “yes” when these new experiences come to call. Recently I had the wonderful opportunity from benefiting greatly from choosing to immediately say yes and it all started a month ago.

During a recent family visit to Malaysia I met up with fellow fishing blogger Chin of Sport fishin’ Asia. After a day of fishing for some local haruan in the Klang, we parted ways (not before planning another fishing trip of course).

He told me of a famous region in the east of the Malay peninsula known as Kuala Rompin. Apparently a few years back some people discovered a high number of sailfish off the coast of a boring little agricultural town. Soon enough like Cinderella,  Kuala Rompin transformed from an unknown farmer’s village into a world-renowned fishing destination. In fact, town’s original statues were of their two greatest produces: watermelon and prawns. Since the fishermen’s discovery the town had added a statue of a marlin to honour their new found livelihood.

With a strict catch-and-release policy catches are almost always plentiful and big. When Chin asked me if I wanted to go my first answer was a straight-up yes.

A month later I returned to Malaysia to make my way with Chin and his friends, Jamie, Allen and Edward, (all very swell guys might I add) to Kuala Rompin.

How was the trip? Better let the video tell you:

  1. jw says:

    Nice! I like. And the song cue in the end “you make me smile’ as the sail swims off is perfect lol

  2. haha thanks for the comment and thanks for the good times!

  3. Great report and video. Set-up looks light- what are you using in the video? Again…. beautiful!!!

    • thanks freshwatergirl! I was actually inspired to use Uncle Kracker’s song after viewing one of your posts in your blog!

      As for the tackle it’s actually very heavy. The rod is a Ryoko, the reel a Daiwa Catalina 5000 armed with PE6 line. Seeing that it was my first time fishing for sailfish I decided to bring my overpower set that I sometimes use for the Mekong giant catfishes here but it proved to make the fight ridiculously easy. While others spent 9-15 minutes to land theirs my fight lasted a little over 2 minutes. As you may have noticed in the video, the majority of the fight happened just a few feet away from the boat (which provided for excellent footage)!

  4. Edward says:

    Please make your bookings again in March, mate

  5. lor says:

    Oh, man. its my big kid’s dream 🙂
    Sorry for my English.

  6. bangkokburt says:

    Nice video, I have heard a lot about Rompin looks like Im going to have to add it to the list!

  7. That looks really nice. Do you know of a good place in Bangkok for someone who just wants to try out fishing? (Never done it before).

    • There are tons of places really. It all depends on what kind of fishing you wish to do. Most ponds will have gear rental as well as guide service so you don’t have to bring anything before hand.

      As for a good beginner pond that comes with gear rental… I guess I’d recommend the Chok Anun fishing pond ( It’s a little out of the way but it’s very cheap and I love their minced duck salad. The fish there (mostly striped catfish) are quite easy to catch and the people running the place are very friendly.

      Since you’re starting off I’d recommend bait fishing first since lure fishing can be quite costly and energy consuming.

      There are also several other striped catfish ponds down On Nut road but I’ve never ventured that way (it’s rain season and venturing isn’t that fun when wet).

      hope that helps.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey Oz…how is everything with you bro? u coming on the March trip? and pls do me a favour…go bug Chin to do some Mekong Catfishing 🙂

  8. Jamie says:

    Hiya Oz, wassup? u coming on the March trip? and oh, pls do me a favour…go bug Chin to do some Mekong Catfishing 🙂

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