It’s A Girl! – The Thai fishing community welcomes its newest daughter

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Fishing (freshwater), News
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A happy family

For the past few years I have made the occasional fishing trip to Kaeng Krajan national park in Petchaburi province just a few hours outside of Bangkok. When there I frequent the hospitality and the services of Ae. Ae, or Suksamran, was born in Bangkok. Tired of the city life he moved to Kaeng Krajan with his wife to live in a two bedroom home right next to one of the most beautiful reservoirs in the country.

Having successfully guided many fishermen to their trophy fish (including mine)  Ae is more than well known in the fishing community, he’s famous. Not only is he famous for knowledge of fishing and the reservoir but he’s also extremely generous. A homestay in his air-conditioned home comes with three meals, hi-speed internet connection and even a Playstation 2 and all this for B500 a night. During the day he’d take guests out on his long tail boat for an unbeatable price of B1,200 a day. Fishing gear is also provided. On top of that, Ae is also an amazing photographer armed with a digital SLR and a HD camcorder to document every single trip so that his guests could just copy or email them from his computer.

Ae’s wife Li, had been pregnant for quite some time now. On Monday the 19th of July, 2010 they came into town for another health check up. While there I received a phone call from my fishing friend, “hey, where’s that beef place that you were talking about?”. He was referring to Sumi Sumi, the place where I had recently won a meat eating competition. On a recent trip to his place I had told him all about the restaurant and the recent meatfest.

After the meal he called me up, said it was delicious and headed home to Kaeng Krajan. At 6Am the next morning Li’s water broke. The young couple drove right back to Bangkok. Sometime in the afternoon their daughter was born. Little Rakpudao was born a healthy baby girl a little over 3kg. Her name is  an original creation by Ae himself. Rak (รัก), Pu (ภู) and dao (ดาว) literally means “love mountain sky”, a reflection of Ae’s love for the great outdoors.

On Thursday morning Ae called to tell me about the news joking that it was probably the beef that triggered the birth. I laughed and hastily headed to Sumi Sumi for a quick (free) lunch before continuing to the hospital to congratulate the new parents.

Congratulations to Ae’s family and welcome to the world little Rakpudao, may you grow up to be an epic angler some day.

Enjoying the tanning bed.

Even a newborn baby resists the Jersey Shore look. No more tanning.

Hello little one

The tanning light was still on so little Rakpudao looked a bit blue

  1. Tony says:

    Hi Mr Hooker!! 55 Hey, Liking the blog, very funny and some good fishing too, my cup of tea! (wow, now you know I am from the UK!) Congrats to Kun Ae and Kun Li! How do I go about contacting Mr Ae for his fishing services? I bet he will need the work more than ever now he he

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