Bangkokhooker’s Fishing in Thailand: Meeting a fellow blogger-fisherman.

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Fishing (bait), Pond - Bungsamran
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When I first started blogging about fishing in Thailand I made friends with a fellow fishing blogger, Johntom of John, is a British-born Thai resident who spends most of his free time fishing and making really cool man toys such as replica guns, miniature remote controlled tanks and steam engines. Not only does his website contain useful information of fishing ponds and their GPS coordinates but people can also get blueprints for his creations to make their own remote controlled tanks of replica World War weapons. While we were fishing once he even happily proclaimed, the same way that a child proclaims about his Lego creation, that he had once made his own Tesla coil. It’s a machine that does really cool stuff with electricity like shoot out miniature lightning bolts. It also requires a shitload of electricity. His wife, Noi quickly interjected, “yeah and he killed the power of the entire apartment building we were living in at the time”.

Fishing with John at Bungsamran

After corresponding for some time via email we finally met up in real life to do some Mekong fishing (AKA heavy lifting) at the popular Bungsamran fishing park a day right after the World Cup finals.

John with a giant pangasius aka plaa Tepa

I’ve never really gotten into the whole World Cup fever. While the rest of Thailand burns the midnight oil (games here finished at 3:30am) as they waste away their life savings on predictions made by an octopus (which turned out to be frighteningly accurate). To me the World Cup was a period where I had to make the choice of staying home alone at nights or go out and watch a matches at crowded pubs with friends.

I love being with friends but there was just something really annoying about the sound of vuvuzelas and that “Waka Waka” song.

I met John at 8am, an hour way too early to be awake after watching the final match between Holland and Spain. Having spoken on the phone earlier his accent gave away his British heritage. I thought, “what British person doesn’t like football?”

In my mind, I pictured meeting a sleepy man with bloodshot eyes who had spent the night watching overpaid grown men in shorts kicking a ball around for an hour and a half. Instead I was greeted with a wide-eyed and very awake guy.

“I never got into football,” John explained with a smile. From then, I realised that we were going to get along. Well, that and his interest in fishing.

Several Mekongs and a sore back later we called it a day. A week later we went fishing again, this time for barramundi at Bor Num in Bang Pakong. He even taught me how to fly fish. Awesome.

fly fishing at Bor Num

  1. Sumati says:

    Oz, in the picture of you fly-fishing, you look like you’re standing on water! Go Jesus! Hope all is well with you, come visit us at Guru sometime!

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