Bangkokhooker’s Fishing in Thailand: Tried new pond and WTF? Russell from UP?

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Fishing (bait), Fishing (freshwater), Pond - Sakuna, Updates
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Marc and Russell from Disney's Up

Unemployed, one really has a lot of time to fish and fishing I have been doing a fair bit of (never too much though that’s impossible) in my newfound freedom from work.

Recently I have been checking out, a website made by an expat turned resident who has strayed far away from the bar scene to become a family man and fanatical hobbyist. Making replica gun turrets, miniature one-man hovercrafts and other crazy war-time toys this dude knows how to kill time.

However it wasn’t the hovercraft or to replica weapons that attracted this Bangkokhooker to his website, it’s his fishing page. Not only does he have pond information and contact details but there’s also GPS coordinates for anyone that find the Thai road system insanely confusing (everyone).

With Johntom’s directions I made my way to Sakuna/Skunar fishing park with my buddy Marc to do some fishing and researching of my own. Check out the new Sakuna page for more information. We caught some fishes and even made friends with a clumsy chubby Eurasian (that’s half-white and half-Asian) kid who looked remarkably like Russell from Disney’s up. He also enjoyed breaking everyone’s gear.

His name is actually “Allan”. He was there with his dad and his dad’s helper. They came armed with the tiniest fishing reel which proved to be completely useless in a huge fishing pond. So instead Russell Allan would go around using the gear of other anglers in the area with little disregard to the well-being of the equipment. He broke my landing net while snapping the line five times for another nearby angler who had the patience of Daruma.

Each time Allan would land a fish he’d exclaim his current number out loud to anyone nearby willing to listen. “I have caught seven fish today!” he’d yell before flailing his arms hilarious around like a clumsy windmill.

Despite his cartoonish demeanor Allan was the colourful burst of laughter everyone needed in the hot sun even if it meant some equipment damage.

In short, the Sakuna pond is the much cheaper and smaller alternative to Bungsamran especially for people seeking out Mekongs and striped catfish. They even have free bait mixing machines!

  1. Terry says:

    Hi there. i’ve been in thailand for about 6mths now been looking for someone who enjoys the same spot as me. Looks to me like you love fishing for snakeheads too. are you local? Do drop me an email.

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