Bangkokhooker’s Fishing in Thailand: Lost a stepfather, quit my job and broke a record

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Fishing (bait), Pond - Bungsamran, Target: Mekong giant catfish
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Lately my life had entered a period of dramatic changes for both me and my family. We lost of a family member. I quit my job a day early because of it. And now everything at home is filled with painful memories.

Actually my mistake, he was born in 1950.

In this time of pain and grief I relieved myself the only way I knew how. I went fishing.

Unlike everything else that has been plague with misery, my fishing life has been blessed with some incredible success. I don’t know what it is but lately it almost feels like  ET’s spirit has been helping me out through this time of sadness.

On Friday, four days after his death I ran away to fish at Bungsamran. Tired of being constantly reminded of his death I had to get away. Back at home family and friends gathered to take part in a Buddhist ceremony to send off ET’s spirit from the site of his death. It was sort of like a Buddhist exorcising. Whatever it was I had to leave for the sake of my sanity.

Being at weekday at the fishing pond the place was empty save for myself and some tourists. By 2:30pm, half an hour after my arrival at Bungsamran I landed my first fish. It was also the biggest fish I have ever caught: a Mekong giant catfish weighing around 70kg. At times I thought that my 30lb line and bait caster rod would have snapped from the pressure but after 15 minutes of chasing it up and down the pond I finally landed the my first “Willy”, (a term that refers to an over-sized Mekong giant catfish). I was so focused with landing the fish that I barely noticed the modest gathering of spectators around me, some of them were Japanese, like my step dad. After landing the fish they all applauded. I screamed in joy, “YEEEEAAASSSSSS!!!!!” and proceeded to dish out a good serving of high-fives to my new friends.

Usually Mekongs would make snorting noises when on land. This one literally made a roar.

My first Willy

While I was ecstatic with my biggest catch ever, back at home, a bizarre string of events started to occur. Also at 2:30pm the ceremony had just ended. According to my mom and my girlfriend present at the scene, a strong gust of wind blew into the area followed by a shower of rain immediately after the ceremony was over.

ET prior to his death also weighed around 70kg. What were the chances of the fish, the rain, the end of the ceremony and the fish’s weight all fitting so perfectly? Was the fish his way of sending me his good bye? My mom later explained that  “ET was a romantic and a man of style, he’d end his 20 years with our family in style surrounded by fanfare”.

It’s true, the man would spend more time than anyone in the house to get all styled up and spritz himself up with enough cologne to drown out the beauty section of a department store.

I’m mostly a skeptic in these supernatural occurrences often siding with logical reasoning however, the probability for all the events happening were just too amazing to pass off as just coincidence. Perhaps it was just my vulnerability that led me to believe the miraculous. Whatever it is, in the end it is just a little piece of comfort to a painful tragedy.

Take care ET may you get to enjoy heaven beside your loving father,

love “PK”

Tadaaki Okada, R.I.P. 1950-2010.

  1. Moof says:

    Sorry to hear the Sadness bro…. hang in there…. That fish is HUGE! I hope you let it go and didnt kill it. Poor things probably over 100yrs old.

  2. Angie says:

    Really sorry to hear about your Stepfather. Supernatural occurrence or coincidence, that’s still a great way to keep him in your thoughts.

  3. Tay Tatt Cheng says:

    Believe it, by releasing willy back into the pond, you have brought ET into his new life, all 70kgs of it, dood on you.

  4. freshwatergirl says:

    Empty-handed I entered the world
    Barefoot I leave it.
    My coming, my going
    Two simple happenings
    That got entangled.
    ~ Kozan Ichikyo

    I am very sorry for your loss.

    Very beautiful fish.

  5. Thanks Angie, thank Tat. 🙂

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