Bangkokcooker dairies: Shime Saba Recipe(with pics and video)

Posted: June 27, 2010 in Cooking
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I’m not that one dimensional. Fishing isn’t my only hobby, I also really like other things like video games, boxing and saving the world from hipsters once in a while. What I also really like doing in my spare time is cook.

Here in Bangkok, Thailand the fresh markets really have a lot of wonderful ingredients to work with.

My find at the Klong Toey wet market this past Saturday included a bunch of fresh fish of multiple species including some very fresh blue mackerel (aka the pacific mackerel or gome saba in Japanese).

Today’s recipe has been a personal favourite of mine which I have made on several occasions: Chef Suzuki’s shime saba aka pickled mackerel (link for original recipe here).

Shime saba ingredients:

one adult blue mackerel

one cup of granulated sugar

one cup of salt

600ml of white vinegar

Dipping sauce ingredients:

150ml dashi

100ml mirin

30ml of yusu or lime juice

Some daikon radish

Some spring onion

Dipping sauce recipe

Step 1 Grate daikon radish.

Step 2 Finely chop spring onion.

Step 3 Combine and heat mirin and dashi in a sauce pan until barely simmering.

Step 4 Chill the liquid before squeezing in the yuzu or lime.

Step 5 Add grated daikon and spring onion (keep them on the side) before serving.

Shime saba recipe

Step 1 Fillet the mackerel.

Watch the video:

Step 2 Coat in sugar place in tupperware  and then chill in fridge for 40 minutes. This process will remove the water from the fish.

Step 3 Remove mackerel from sugar, rinse off with vinegar.

Step 4 Coat mackerel in salt. Place in tupperware in the fridge for 1 hour.

Step 5 Remove from salt, rinse with vinegar again. (No picture).

Step 6 Carefully, remove the thin layer of film-like skin from the fish with your fingers.

Step 7 Cut into thin slices.

Step 8 Serve with dipping sauce

  1. Diana Foo says:

    Fantastic… one of my favorite dish, will try out the recipe myself.

  2. Perl Lim says:

    Good show! will try it out soon
    keep on writing, so….entertaining

    thanks hooker!

  3. Food says:

    Excellent post! I really enjoyed reading it. I will be back for more!

  4. lor says:

    Hope, i will can cook it 🙂 thx

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