Smart or stupid criminals?

Posted: June 22, 2010 in News, Non-fishing stories
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In Bangkok on June 20, 2010 two criminals who were either geniuses or idiots, were apprehended and arrested for the theft of notebook computers. Who did they steal the computers from? Answer: The police.

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The suspects confessed that they would enter the police premises, wait for a civilian to walk in to distract the officers before stealing the computers by hiding them in their coats. The stolen computers then were sold in the Saphan Khwai area.

Having personally been inside a police station a few months back (story here) I know just how easy these crimes could have been committed. Civilians can simply walk into police stations where the officers have their expensive laptop computers sitting right there and “jack” it when they aren’t look. No security chain or any other security measure was implemented to ensure the safety of the computer. One officer even asked me for some tech assistant and let me look at his computer. I could have said, “look a naked woman!” and had run away in the distraction.

Also, you have to wonder just what sort of sensitive files that could be on these things. Unlike mine, it’s probably not just filled with games, video series and porn but probably also with some confidential records.

These criminals did not just steal from one police HQ but several other stations  as well as several other civil offices! They eventually got caught but you have to ask yourself, who’s the stupid one here? The criminals who decided to steal from the cops or the cops who got their stuff stolen from literally under their noses by two sketchy dudes wearing jackets in a tropical country during the hottest summer in decades?

Original story in Thai here.

  1. Diana Foo says:

    beauty of Thailand…:))

  2. Captain Xmas says:

    Love the new look of ur blog!!

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