Dead foetus anyone? (with picture link)

Posted: June 22, 2010 in News
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Glancing at the Thai newspapers this morning (June 22, 2010) I was surprised with a sight that is a little unusual for Thai standards. Instead of the usual picture of a dead rape victim, dead motor-vehicle victims or a murder-suicide family photo there were pictures of several jars of human foetuses (yes British spelling FTW).

It turns out that some lady in Ubolratchathani province has been caught selling foetuses. What for? The usual Thai black magic practices of course. Including but not limited to: creating love potions, predicting lottery numbers and creating spiritual bodyguards.

The lady, Naengnoi Kawan (แน่งน้อย กาวัน), who is now in police custody had been buying aborted foetuses from an illegal abortion clinic for B1,000 each. She then stored them in jars by pickling them before selling them to witch doctors.

Unfortunately animism and black magic practices are still quite common in the rural areas of Thailand.

Creepy much?

Click here for a disturbing photo (caution, it’s disturbing).


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