The joy of living in a tropical country

Posted: June 15, 2010 in Non-fishing stories
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I woke up one morning a few days ago and did what I always did in the morning: I went to the kitchen. It’s an act of habit that is almost ritualistic in starting the day.Wake up. Have a good long pee. Brush my teeth. And go to the kitchen to replenish lost fluids from the long sleep and good long pee.

This one particular morning was accompanied by a little surprise. A little toad sitting right in front of the fly screen looking out into open world. It must have gotten in from the garden when someone left the door open. Still, there is a toad in the kitchen. Luckily I’m neither the squeemish type nor the reptile hating kind so I took a moment to appreciate the moment while snapping a few model shots of this little amphibian.

It must be approaching monsoon season again. That’s probably why they are out and about ready to hump the shit out of each other and turn my garden into the loudest toad orgy in the city. But, if it’s orgies it wants it’s not going to find that here, just a bunch of fishing gear and a room full of Playstation 3 games.

The little toad continued to stare out through the thin wire-mesh barrier that stood in between it and plenty of very wet sexy times in my pond. The little guy/gal (can’t tell) sat motionless. What was going through its mind? Is it coming up with an ingenius ploy to open that door through a clever series of Rube Goldberg events? Or perhaps it has given up. Maybe it’s just hopeless sitting there, staring at the world it once loved now forever out of reach as the humid air from the garden floods its head with memories of a happier time. Perhaps it missed the friends it made growing up as a tadpole, its first lovefest behind the artificial waterfall, its little tadpoles waiting for mommy/daddy to come home.

It was way too painful to watch. I had a soft spot for abandonment tragedies. I had to end its misery. As I approached the door the little toad jumped away from me in fright and leapt towards the wire mesh door hoping to somehow penetrate through. I opened the door and redirected the little toad away. Soon it was home free.

Farewell little toad, may you be reunited with your little tadpoles and hopefully you don’t get eaten by the garden snake or my grandma.


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