Bangkokhooker’s Fishing in Thailand: WHAT THE SHIT NOT AGAIN!

Posted: March 21, 2010 in Fishing (freshwater), Trips
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“What the shit?”

I spent an hour and a half repeating this over and over again. This time it’s not that early, I made sure of it. I made sure that I wouldn’t be caught outside in a car when all the drunken taxi drivers are returning their vehicles to their respective garages. I even made sure to only park in front of non-taxi vehicles to not get into any more car hurt.

And then…

What the shit?! Am I fucking Bill mutha fukin’ Murray from Groundhog Day?! What is this unnecessary case of deja friggin’ voodoo that’s going on here? This situation is a little too familiar! Didn’t I just get my fishing plans interrupted by car problems yesterday? I headed out of my home with the spare family car at 5:30am. I got on the highway safely this time. I paid the toll, got off the highway and then all the sudden I hear “flap, flap, flap, flap, flap” out of no where! Hulk mutha fuckin’ SMASH!


“Breath. Calm down buddy. This is can be fixed. There should be a spare tire in the back. You’re just going to get it out, use the tools to lift the car and change the tire and you’ll be fine.”

I breathed, calmed down and opened the trunk.

“Good the tire is there. Now let’s use the t… What the!? A spare tire and no tools?”

I gritted my teeth, a piece of my molar chipped off in the process.

“Okay, you’ve got a phone let’s call the emergency people”

I made the call and 20 minutes later help arrived in the form of the body snatchers.

“What? It’s a broken car situation? We didn’t know so we didn’t bring the tools”

They thought that I was dead, they had come to claim my body to get their commission from the morgue. What a great omen.

Fortunately (or unfortunately if you’re a sadistic bastard laughing your ass off about someone’s misfortune) another car just getting off the highway also needed to have their tires changed and lent my body snatchers some tools.

By 8:15am, I finally make it to the Bang Phra reservoir.

“Could this really be happening? Am I really here at last? Two car problems, a concussion, a very sore neck and a lot of anger later, am I finally here or am I about to be hit by another highly unlikely shit-storm?”

No. Actually, I had the best day of lure fishing in my life thanks to the seven very aggressive giant snakeheads that wanted give my lures a love bite.

Life is good again.

Ahh… At last…





Apparently snakeheads and Fanta cans like to get familiar








Bang Phra picnic




PS. Spidey didn’t catch any thing this time.

Catch report

Number of fish landed: 7

Species: Giant Snakehead

Average Weight: 1.5kg

Weather: partial cloud cover

Temp: 26/33C

Successful lures: buzz bait, propeller frog and Rapalla shallow runner (dunno the name).

  1. johntom says:

    Sorry to hear of the car troubles, good that you are ok after the shunt.

    The stress of car repairs and waiting is stressful so more fishing will be required to unwind!

    Looks like you had a great day with the snakeheads, thanks for the info.

  2. thanks for the message John, waiting for the car to repair really is a bummer but the snakeheads definitely made up for it all.

    You been fishing much or too busy building awesome things again?

  3. Diana Foo says:

    Chinese proverb… the sky will not disappoint you if you are determined. Finally you had such a good time and catch…:))

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