Bangkokhooker’s Fishing in Thailand: Sorry, your fishing trip has been cancelled due to CAR CRASH

Posted: March 20, 2010 in Non-fishing stories, Trips
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“What the shit?”

I’ve just spent the last three hours of my life asking that question over and over again. It’s so early in the morning here in Bangkok that the weekend cartoons have barely started on the public TV channels. I’m sitting here typing away trying to make sense of things while sipping on the old-fashioned I prepared the moment I got home from the police station.

It all started this morning. My plan was to get out of bed at 4:00am and be out of the house by 4:30am to head over to the Bang Phra reservoir to do some snakehead fishing. It’s been two weeks since my last visit and I was seriously getting the angling itch! The girlfriend conveniently also needed to get up at that time to get to the airport in time for her flight to Singapore.

At 4:33am we leave in my car. I drop her off on the main road to get a taxi while I headed towards the highway. By 4:40am I am at an intersection, waiting for the lights to turn green. I actually take a second to think about that very heart-warming seatbelt commercial that I saw earlier last month for a second and double-checked my seatbelt.

Then, all of the sudden “BOOM”. I had no idea what hit me.

My body flung forward, my head soon followed. Then for a brief moment I felt like my eyeballs were about to jump out of their sockets as the forceful impact propelled me forward. When all movement had ceased, I was given some time to recollect. My head was spinning. I suddenly felt sleepy.

My car had just been hit on the Rama 4 road by a taxi driver who didn’t step on the brakes.

As I got out of the car I realised that my head was spinning. Having been in enough boxing matches I automatically realised that it was a mild concussion. It turns out that the taxi had crashed into my parked car propelling it forward causing a domino effect resulting in two more cars in front of me getting damaged. For some reason they were all taxis.

It looks like that taxi driver had fallen asleep on the wheel and the back end of my vehicle was his wake-up call. I highly doubted that he was clean though, something about his inability to stand straight without swaying suggested that he was either a hip-hop enthusiast or fucking messed up off his mind on some drugs.

The next three hours was spent on the road and at the Thong Lor police station figuring out the insurance details.

I didn’t have to pay for anything. I was in the right and the taxi driver was in the wrong but fuck it sure doesn’t feel right knowing that my car is broken and that I will not be able to drive to the reservoir thanks to the whole lack of a car scenario and the concussion.

My insurance guy tried to console me by telling me that it was actually an auspicious day in the lunar calendar for Thai people. He said that it’s the fifth lunar phase happening on the fifth month and that it was definitely a day where it would be bad luck to go do sinful things like fishing.

So I guess I am apparently lucky to have my car busted to save me from creating bad karma for myself.


Let’s take another look at just how lucky I am!

Pictured: some amazing fucking luck!

Click here for part two!?

  1. jimi james says:


    You got hulk-smashinated!!

  2. […] personally been inside a police station a few months back (story here) I know just how easy these crimes could have been committed. Civilians can simply walk into police […]

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