Giant Snakehead feeding video

Posted: March 19, 2010 in Youtube
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I came across a snakehead video on youtube a while back. It’s titled “Snakehead vs Big ass 10 inch bass”. The video starts off with a giant snakehead swimming in a fish tank. The owners of the snakehead then drop a live 10-inch bass into the tank. The snakehead immediately attacks the bass and tears it away in seconds leaving the bass floating morbidly in the tank with its rear-end missing. To make it a little more disturbing the bass is still moving despite having half its body bitten off.

When you look at all the comments below you begin to see the usual hateful and ungrammatical youtube banter, the kind of talk that only happens when people are bestowed with the power of anonymity.

there are hateful comments against the user such as:

“sad fuk this is no way to treat a snake head, i hope it eats ur kids”

“youre a fucking bastard that fish had a life and u killed it u rank”

“fuck you stupid ass’s killin the bass and That kid to hes just like yeah theres blood! throw him in with a huge snake head”

Then for every hateful comment, there’s about three counter-hate comment in defense of the youtube poster:

“you fucking punk its a common bass
chilll the fuck out you probly eat fish all the fucking time my god”

“People need to chill the fuck out.”

“all you fuckers talkin shit about he needs a bigger tank animal cruelty can shut the hell up what do you think happens in the wild they EAT FISH”

Whatever your point of view, you can’t deny that this video alone is probably the best video documentation on youtube of a giant snakehead’s feeding habit that can help us understand the species a lot more. Seeing this video explains a lot.

Many a times, I’ll be out on the water in snakehead territory only to see the front half of a fish washed up on the banks. People would tell me that it’s the doing of a snakehead. I found it hard to visualize at first but after watching this video it is clear: the snakehead attacks it prey from behind and cripples it from swimming any further.

Here are some of my theories on why they are half eaten:

1. The half eaten ones were only attacked by the snakehead because of its territorial behavior. They were attacked for getting into the wrong hood.

2. The snakehead has been watching the Women’s network and feels pressured to go on a diet.

3. Snakeheads just don’t like head.


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