Spider-man lure?

Posted: March 14, 2010 in Fishing (gear)
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I was shopping at the 7 Seas pro shop at Bungsamran the other day and then I ran into this guy.

Apparently it’s the Imakatsu Raijin Jiraiya lure (their official page has some funny English). It’s a top water frog lure that works on the same principle as a Scum frog lure that’s meant to imitate a frog skittering on the surface of the water. How a frog came to be dressing in a Spider-man costume is beyond my comprehension let alone how a fish would fall for it is even more beyond my comprehension.

Oh well, I bought it anyway because Spider-man is awesome.

Let’s hear your thoughts:

What other ridiculous super-hero design would you like to see or have seen on a fishing lure?


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