Bangkokhooker’s Fishing in Thailand: Snakehead at the Barramundi Pond

Posted: December 10, 2009 in Uncategorized
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It was Thailand’s national father’s day (Dec 5 09). My sister and I had plans to take dad out for dinner at Le Meridien Bangkok Hotel’s buffet dinner later in the evening but until then I had to go and try out some of the fishing lures I’ve bought from the siamfishing website’s auction page. Higher up on the list of exciting things to do was to try out the new giant snakehead pond stocked with 2 tons (literally) of the freshwater torpedo.

With tackle gear all packed up and breakfast partially eaten by 8am I was out of Bangkok heading towards Pilot 111 fishing park. I get there just a little before 9am. The Pilot 111 fishing pond started out as a barramundi fishing pond with 5-6 fishable ponds stocked with some of the most aggressive barramundis in Thailand. On top of the giant snakehead pond they recently added and the barramundi at this pond there’s also nile tilapia in the ponds for pole fishermen.

It’s unanimously agreed among the Thai fishing community that if you ever want to have a successful day of lure fishing and not go home empty handed, this is the pond you go to (unless you want to spend a fortune on Boonma). The only catch here is that it costs about five times more to fish (B500) than most ponds. The good thing is that a kilogram of the barramundi or two kilograms of the nile tilapia can be brought home free of charge. It’s not a bad bargain since barramundi at the supermarket can cost around B125-150 per kilo but there’s a little extra thing they do here that’s totally worth it.

Anyway, enough fishing for today! Time to take dad to a lobster and foie gras buffet! Happy Father’s Day!

  1. tony says:

    That was 6+ yrs ago. What are the updates if any? If I get to bkk this yr I want to do some small river/pond fishing.

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